We’ve been working collaboratively with partners across Minnesota to imagine—and create—the most effective way to empower people to manage or even prevent chronic health conditions. We are excited to launch YourJuniper.org to help make that happen.

Our classes help you improve your ability to manage health conditions, worry less about falling, increase self-confidence and experience a greater overall sense of well-being. You participate along with friends and neighbors, with local class leaders and in familiar settings.

Creating a Healthier Minnesota

Juniper offers evidence-based programs—programs developed and verified by researchers to produce the desired results. The Juniper network helps you:

  • Improves health and independence
  • Reduces dependence on family and paid caregivers
  • Prevents escalation of disease
  • Reduces the need for costly care

Powerful Partnerships

Our partners include community-based organizations, healthcare providers, health plans and housing providers, all dedicated to working together to improve health in our communities. Minnesota’s seven Area Agencies on Aging coordinate collaborations in each of their regions. Programs are delivered by local organization, by local class leaders.

Take a few minutes to look around YourJuniper.org. Learn more about Juniper and how you might become involved—as a class participant or leader, community-based service delivery organization, or healthcare/health plan provider.

We welcome your interest and questions and look forward to helping make Minnesota a healthier state, together.